La Cabane Perchée

builds luxury tree houses in trees around the world

Nothing feels like it...

... being one with the world, at the top of a tree, in a unique retreat among one's books, mementos and music. Up there, nothing can disturb your dreams. Up there, all is more beautiful.

We come to see you

We sketch out your project with you, design it, build it in our workshops, and assemble it on your tree*.

* The technical study of your project will be the object of a fixed price before project including the displacement, the technical diagnosis, the estimate, the drawings, the plans, etc. This package is deductible from the final price of the construction.

Timber, trees and nature...

... hoist tree-houses up where no one thought it could be done, design giddy spiral staircases, re-invent each house so it can snuggle in its tree, that's our passion.
In 1999, we became pioneers in tree-house living. We have since built over 500 cabins for private owners and for hospitality professionals, in France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Britain, Germany, Denmark, United States and Russia. Each is unique since the tree is our venue and decides how it will accommodate us. We respect and protect the tree, never pruning a major branch, safeguarding it with scaffolding during work. The tree house seems to have grown with the tree, be one with it.